2.1 Matrix Primer

The role of patches and matrix needs to be considered when designing corridors to enhance biodiversity. In human-dominated landscapes, the matrix is often developed lands (e.g., urban, agriculture) while patches are remnants that have a different plant and animal community than the surrounding area.

The potential value of corridors to link isolated patches depends on the type and condition of the matrix. A corridor will usually be more valuable in landscapes where the matrix is less suitable for biodiversity.

Below are considerations for managing the matrix for biodiversity. See next page for patch guidelines.

Key Matrix Guidelines

  • Consider the matrix at multiple spatial and temporal scales.
  • Cluster development to protect more open space. Use other smart growth principles where possible.
  • Minimize disturbance of natural vegetation.
  • Minimize introduction and spread of non-native species.
  • Manage disturbances (e.g., haying, earth-moving) to reduce negative impacts.
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