1.14 Buffers for Pesticides


Pesticides in runoff occur either as sediment-bound or in a dissolved form. Dissolved pesticides are generally the most susceptible to leaving an application area and becoming a pollution problem. Pesticide properties can provide some guidance on the mobility of the pesticide.

Key Design Considerations

  • Some pesticides adsorb strongly to soils while others adsorb weakly as noted by the Koc value or soil adsorption index. See table below for recommendations.
  • Pesticides with high water solubilities (e.g., > 30 ppm) will generally require wider buffers.
  • Pesticides with longer half lives (e.g., greater than 30 days) may require wider buffers.
  • Other pesticide best management practices should be used to in addition to buffers (see 5.1 to 5.4).
  • See 1.19 for buffer width recommendations.

Pesticide properties can be found on product labels.

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