Total Livestock Freshwater Withdrawls by State, 2000
Source: U.S. Geological Survey
Map Description:
The geographic distribution of total, surface-water, and ground-water withdrawals for livestock. California, Texas, and Oklahoma accounted for 49 percent of total livestock withdrawals for States that reported for 2000. California, Texas, North Carolina, and Kansas accounted for nearly one-half of ground-water withdrawals. California, Texas, and Oklahoma accounted for two-thirds of surface-water withdrawals. The areas of major water withdrawals for livestock (as shown in figure 8), for the most part, correspond to the major areas where corn, hay, and alfalfa are grown. For example, the major hog- and pig-producing States of Iowa, Minnesota, and Illinois also are major corn-growing States; the major cattle- and calf-producing States of Texas, Kansas, and Nebraska also are major hay and alfalfa growing States (U.S. Department of Agriculture, May 1999).

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