Dominant Cropland Irrigation Water Source, 1997
Source: Natural Resources Conservation Service
Map Description:
This shaded polygon map shows the dominant water source for irrigated cropland for each 8-digit hydrologic unit. Water sources are categorized by 1) Well, 2) Pond, Lake, or Reservoir, 3) Stream, Ditch, or Canal, 4) Lagoon or Wastewater (not tailwater), and 5) a combination of water sources. The dominant water source is defined as the water source that is the most common in that hydrologic unit. Areas with 95% or more Federal area are shown as gray. Areas without irrigated cropland are left white.

Cautions for this Product:
In many areas shown on this map as irrgated, non- irrigated cropland may be more common than any type of irrigated cropland. The total amount of irrigated cropland may be small. Irrigation of land uses other than cropland is not included. Data are not collected on Federal land. Data are not available for Alaska, and the Pacific Basin. Data for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands are shown by 6-digit hydrologic unit.

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