Available Soil Water Capacity
Source: W. W. Hargrove and R. J. Luxmoore
Map Description:
This is the map of plant-available soil water capacity, which is the difference between field capacity and wilting point. These data are from the national STATSGO database, developed by the Natural Resources Conservation Service. Soil water data are mapped by integrating downward through all soil horizons in each pedon, and then doing a weighted spatial average over each area component of each soil association polygon. There are over 10 thousand soil polygons in the entire map. Soils in the midwest (centered in Iowa) and in the south have the greatest soil water capacities.

Taken from the report:
A New High-Resolution National Map of Vegetation Ecoregions Produced Empirically Using Multivariate Spatial Clustering by William W. Hargrove and Robert J. Luxmoore

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