Percent Change in Pastureland Area, 1982-1997
Source: Natural Resources Conservation Service
Map Description:
This shaded polygon map shows the percent change in the amount of pastureland area from 1982 to 1997 within each 8 digit hydrologic unit, using 1982 as a base year. The percentages are presented in five categories based on the following divisions: an increase of more than 25%, an increase of 5% to 25%, little change (less than 5% change), a decrease of 5% to 25%, and a decrease of over 25%. Areas with no pastureland in either 1982 or 1997 are hatched. Areas with 95% or more Federal area are shown as hatched lines.

Cautions for this Product:
Areas with small amounts of pastureland may have very high rates of change. This map may not be used to determine site-specific information. Data are not collected on Federal land. Data are not shown for areas where pastureland is less than 5% of the total area. Data are not available for Alaska or the Pacific Basin. Data for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands are aggregated by 6-digit hydrologic unit.

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