Percent Change in Forest Land Area, 1982-1997
Source: Natural Resources Conservation Service
Map Description:
This shaded polygon map shows the percent change in the amount of non-Federal forest land area from 1982 to 1997 within each 8-digit hydrologic unit, using 1982 as a base year. The percentages are presented in five categories based on the following divisions: an increase of more than 25%, an increase of 5% to 25%, little change (less than 5% change), a decrease of 5% to 25%, and a decrease of over 25%. Data are not collected on Federal lands, areas with 95% or more federal land are shaded out. Areas with less than 5% non-Federal forest land are also excluded from the analysis.

Cautions for this Product:
This map does not include National Forests, or other Federally owned forest land. Areas with small amounts of forest land may have very high rates of change. This map is best used in conjunction with a map showing percent non- Federal area in forest land. Data are not available for Alaska or the Pacific Basin. Data for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands are aggregated by 6-digit hydrologic unit.

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