Percent of Cropland Needing Conservation Treatment, 1992
Source: National Resources Inventory, 1992
Map Description:
This shaded polygon map shows, for 1992 the percentage of cropland where conservation management systems are necessary and feasible to arrest or prevent deterioration and/or to enhance the productive capability of the soil, water, plant, and animal resources. This map can be used to identify regions with conservation needs and in strategic planning on conservation issues. Conservation treatment needs are defined as the conservation systems identified by NRCS to be needed for the area in which the point falls or the portion of the field surrounding the point that would be considered in conservation planning. Needs are based on the judgement of a qualified specialist as guided by the local NRCS Technical Guide, the prevailing agricultural operations, and the guides used in the development of conservation plans.

Cautions for this Product:
Areas with a high percentage may have a small amount of total cropland. This map reflects broad national patterns rather than site- specific information. NRI sample data are generally reliable at the 95% confidence interval for state and certain broad substate area analyses. Generally, analyses that aggregate data points by smaller geographic areas and/or more specific criteria result in fewer data points for each aggregation and therefore less reliable estimates. When provided, refer to the estimated margins of error to determine suitability of the data for a particular purpose. NRI maps reflect national patterns rather than site-specific information.

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