Value of Agricultural Production by Proximity to Metro Areas
Source: Census of Agriculture, 1992
Map Description:
This map illustrates state pie charts of value of agricultural production by proximity to metro areas. Pies are divided into three slices indicating percentages attributable to metro counties, areas adjacent to metro counties and areas not adjacent to metro counties, per Bureau of Census definition of Metropolitan Counties (Beale Codes, 1993). The market value of agricultural products sold represents the gross market value before taxes and production expenses of all agricultural products sold or removed from the place in 1992 regardless of who received the payment. It includes sales by the operator as well as the value of any shares received by partners, landlords, contractors, or others associated with the operation. The value of crops sold in 1992 does not necessarily represent the sales from crops harvested in 1992. Data may include sales from crops produced in earlier years and may exclude some crops produced in 1992, but held in storage and not sold.

Cautions for this Product:
Because of the great difference in the range of state totals, the size of the pies is not a linear relationship. Pies are scaled between Alaska at 0.15 in. radius ($14,899,000) and California at 0.75 in. radius ($17,051,909,000). This database is reliable at the county level. Note: there are fields with no data due to privacy and other limitations. The value of agricultural products sold was requested of all operators. If the operator failed to report this information, estimates were made based on the amount of crops harvested, and livestock or poultry inventory or number sold. Extensive estimation was required for operators growing crops or livestock under contract. Caution should be used when comparing sales in 1992 with sales reported in earlier censuses. Sales figures are expressed in current dollars and have not been adjusted for inflation or deflation.

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