Land Ownership, 1992
Source: National Resources Inventory, 1992
Map Description:
This map contains a pie chart for each state and the nation. The pie slices reflect acres of land according to ownership as a percent of the total area of land. The size of the pies is proportional to the size of the states (scaled between Rhode Island and Texas). The state and local ownership category includes land owned by states, counties or parishes, and municipalities. Private lands include Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) lands and land that is under temporary control of a Federal, state, county, or municipal agency for foreclosure or nonpayment of taxes. Native American tribal land includes individual trust lands and land that is administered but not owned by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Cautions for this Product:
The national pie is not proportional to the state pies. Land ownership was not determined for large water bodies and they are not included in any of the totals. NRI sample data are generally reliable at the 95% confidence interval for state and certain broad substate area analyses. Generally, analyses that aggregate data points by smaller geographic areas and/or more specific criteria result in fewer data points for each aggregation and therefore less reliable estimates. When provided, refer to the estimated margins of error to determine suitability of the data for a particular purpose. NRI maps reflect national patterns rather than site-specific information.

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