Mean Precipitation During Growing Season
Source: W. W. Hargrove and R. J. Luxmoore
Map Description:
Orographically-corrected monthly mean precipitation from Chris Daly's PRISM model gives monthly rainfall equivalent at 4x4 km resolution which has been corrected for elevation effects. Monthly values of corrected precipitation are averaged over the days in the growing season for each cell in the map, so that southern cells are averaged over more months than northern cells, for example. The growing season is defined by the frost-free period, and months are linearly prorated for days when the month is not completely frost-free. Rainfall during the active growing season may be most important to growth of vegetation.

Taken from the report:
A New High-Resolution National Map of Vegetation Ecoregions Produced Empirically Using Multivariate Spatial Clustering by William W. Hargrove and Robert J. Luxmoore

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