Aquatic/Wetland Species At Risk - 1996
Source: Environmental Protection Agency - Index of Watershed Integrity
Map Description:
This data layer provides information about the presence of species at risk in a given watershed. The State agency-based Natural Heritage Network and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) assess the conservation status of plants and animals, and map out the populat ion occurrences of those species at greatest risk of extinction. This indicator represents the number of aquatic or wetland-dependent species documented in a watershed that are classified by the Heritage Network as critically imperiled (identified by TNC as G1), imperiled (G2), or vulnerable (G3), or that are listed under the federal Endangered Species Act (ESA) as threatened or endangered

Cautions for this Product:
The presence of rare or endangered species in a watershed is not necessarily an indication of poor watershed conditions. Indeed, it more likely indicates the opposite: in many instances these species persist only in areas of exceptionally high quality habitat. The presence of species at risk in a watershed indicates, however, that these watersheds are especially vulnerable to future water quality or habitat degradation, which could jeopardize the maintenance or recovery of these organisms. Watersheds considered vulnerable because of the presence of species at risk may require special attention to protect or restore water quality in order to maintain these biological values.

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