Density Map of Sulfur Dioxide Emissions 1997
Source: Environmental Protection Agency
Map Description:
This map depicts sulfur dioxide emissions by county in 1997. Sulfur dioxide gases are formed when fuel containing sulfur (mainly coal and oil) is burned, and during metal smelting and other industrial facilities.

High concentrations of sulfur dioxide can result in temporary breathing impairment for asthmatic children and adults who are active outdoors. Other effects that have been associated with long-term exposures to high concentrations of sulfur dioxide include respiratory illness, alterations in the lung's defenses, and aggravation of existing cardiovascular disease. Additionally, there are a variety of environmental concerns associated with high concentrations of sulfur dioxide. Because it is a major precursor to acid rain, it contributes to the acidification of soils, lakes and streams and the associated adverse impacts on ecosystems. Finally, sulfur dioxides can accelerate the corrosion of natural and man-made material (e.g., concrete and limestone) which are used in buildings and monuments.

Cautions for this Product:
This map only provides a general overview and does not identify potential sources of air pollution.

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