Alley Cropping
Source: National Association of RC&D Council
Map Description:
Alley cropping is the growing of an annual or perennial crop between rows of high value trees. The agriculture crop generates annual income while the longer-term tree crop matures. Alley cropping was observed in 13% of the RC&D areas and 8 RC&D Councils were directly involved in projects. Of the RC&D's with alley cropping, 69% see potential for expanding the practice. RC&D's promoted alley cropping in only 28% of the areas reporting the practice. Alley cropping systems were reported to include the following: conventional row crops, commodity crops, herbs and medicinals, and hay and forage.

Cautions for this Product:
This map is taken from a report which summarizes the results of a national survey on agroforestry. This survey was completed by Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) Councils during the summer of 1999. Of the 315 RC&D's in the United States, 222 completed the survey (71% return). Of these, two-thirds had direct involvement in agroforestry practices.

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