Patterns of Agricultural Diversity, 1987
Source: Census of Agriculture, 1987
Map Description:
Each category of this map represents farm types that are similar in terms of commodities produced, farm resources, and employment and income on- and off-farm. The twelve multicounty cluster types represented on the map are as follows: 1) corn, soybeans, hogs, 2) poultry, 3) dairy, 4) cattle, wheat, sorghum, 5) tobacco, 6) part-time cattle, 7) fruit, 8) other crops, 9) vegetables, nursery products, 10) wheat, oats, other grains, 11) cotton, and 12) sheep, cattle, other livestock. Some areas have insufficient data and appear as white. Agricultural diversity is defined as the number and variety of agricultural commodity types produced in a given area. More diverse areas tend to have smaller farm sizes. Some areas are typified by a variety of production activities while others are more homogeneous and typified by a single activity.

Cautions for this Product:
This interpretation is based on a subjective measures of clustering in an attempt to attain specificity and regionalization at the same time.

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