National Rivers Inventory
Source: National Center for Recreation and Conservation
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The National Rivers Inventory is a listing of more than 3000 free-flowing river segments in the United States that are believed to possess one or more "outstandingly remarkable" natural or cultural values judged to be of more than local or regional significance. Under a 1980 presidential directive, all federal agencies must seek to avoid or mitigate actions that would adversely affect one or more NRI segments. The NRI is a source of information for statewide river assessments and federal agencies involved with stream-related prejects. For any group concerned with ecosystem management, the inventory can provide the location of the nearest naturally-functioning system which might serve as a reference for monitoring activities. It aslo serves as a listing of plant and animal species for restoration efforts on a similar section of river. For the recreationalist, it provides a listing of free-flowing, relatively undisturbed river segments.

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